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These mistresses took pillow fights to a whole new level when they crushed and destroyed pillows with their high heel boots. They used their bare feet first before they turned to their high heel boots to finish the work that their bare feet had started. It was a lot of fun for them and it worked out the way they wanted. They even spat on them when they were done.

Lady Irisa did not want to dominate anyone because no one had pissed her. She was not like those mistresses who used flimsy excuses to dominate guys for their fun. But today this guy pissed her and she had to punish him. She did it without thinking too much about it. The mistress used her muddy sneakers to dominate him and she made sure that the guy licked the mud off her shoes.

Goddess Kiara likes to crush things but she is the kind of person who does not like to crush people because she knows it is very painful. That is why she chose to crush things on her way as she walked instead of waiting to get home so as to crush a slave. It was always fun as she was not thinking of hurting anyone or listening to someone beg her for mercy.

Lady Nightfrozen is a woman of few words. She does not like to say much and today she chose to send a message to this loser because she felt that he was doing things on purpose and that was not ok with her. So she crushed nuts as he watched. She did it with her high heels and then told him his nuts would be next on the line if he did not change.

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