Crush Fetish

Hot girls satisfy your crush fetish needs

Lady Shay was so bored that crushing things in the house looked like a good idea. She decided to give it a try to see if she would have fun and that is how she found herself crushing soda cans. She did not care about the mess she made as she did her thing. It was a lot of fun for her and that as all that mattered to her.

Lady Asmodina did not have much to do and she wanted to pass time whichever way she could. That is why she opted to crush the toys with her high heels. She took some of the toys and she trampled them with her boots and she stomped on them. By the time she was done with them, she had destroyed them. But she had passed a lot of time as she did it.

These mistresses took pillow fights to a whole new level when they crushed and destroyed pillows with their high heel boots. They used their bare feet first before they turned to their high heel boots to finish the work that their bare feet had started. It was a lot of fun for them and it worked out the way they wanted. They even spat on them when they were done.

When this mistress is bored, she loves to look for mundane things to do and one of the things she wanted to do today was to crush some boxes. She had a few and she felt that the best way to do it was to destroy them by crushing them with her high heels. It did not take her long before she had crushed them and had to look for something else to crush.

Mistress Dula is a cruel and sadistic person. She was in her element today as she took out her cigarette and she had fun smoking while at the same time she had this loser lick her feet as well as her boots. In addition, he had to eat food she had crushed on the floor with her feet as well as with her boots. None of it was negotiable for him.

Lady Nataly had time to burn and she also had a lot on her mind so she chose to kill two birds with one stone by crushing candy to take her mind off what was bothering her and killing time at the same time. It was fun for her and she did not notice as time passed. After some time, she went back to the office and continued with her work.

Lady Irisa did not want to dominate anyone because no one had pissed her. She was not like those mistresses who used flimsy excuses to dominate guys for their fun. But today this guy pissed her and she had to punish him. She did it without thinking too much about it. The mistress used her muddy sneakers to dominate him and she made sure that the guy licked the mud off her shoes.

Mistress Mila was not happy with her slave and she crushed the food he had prepared to express disappointment with the way in which he acted. He did not expect what she did and he was shocked at it. She crushed the food and when she was done, she had him eat all of it. He also had to clean up after her when he was done eating the food from the floor.

This guy had cherished toys despite being a grown man. That was not ok with mistress CatDeluxe and her friend lady Minu. They had to make him stop it and he had no choice but to do so. The mistresses had fun forcing him to do what they wanted and he had no choice but to watch as they destroyed his favorite toys and even made him participate in it.

These mistresses had nothing better to do with their time and they chose to use their high heels to crush a stuffed animal. They did it and added some random things and had a great time making sure that they destroyed them and caused a huge mess in the process. It was more fun for them than they had anticipated and that is how they came to have a fetish for crushing.

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