Crush Fetish

Hot girls satisfy your crush fetish needs

This sexy mistress is going for a walk when she tramples over a box of pralines on the ground. She all the sudden has a passion for crushing them into millions of pieces as she sends a text to a friend. She uses her full weight and black high heel boots to destroy the pralines while adding some saliva into the mix while crushing the food under her dirty soles.

Lady B is smoking a cigarette when she has the sudden passion to crush something under her black high heel boots, she pulls out her slaves cell phone and tosses it on the ground. This boot crushing femdom uses it as an ashtray as she takes her boot and crushes the cigarette into the screen, she then uses her heel to destroy the screen and keyboard. This mistress then shatters the cellphone into a million pieces trampling it with her boots.

Mistress Angelina loves crushing toy cars under her dirty sneakers, it's one of her favorite foot fetishes. She places the toy car under her foot and slowly uses her full weight to begin crushing the car into millions of pieces destroying it. This toy crushing femdom loves trampling toys with the dirty soles of her sneakers. This young foot dominatrix will crush anything that gets in her way.

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